The Eldorado Expedition

The Eldorado Expedition

The Eldorado Expedition is the solo project for writer/songwriter Simon. Each project is an original short fictional story by Simon and accompanied by a set of rock and pop songs that follow the story’s narrative.

The Project

In 2010 after playing in various rock bands on and off since the early nineties, mainly as a drummer, then later as a singer
songwriter in a duo, I decided to do something solo. The affordability and available of new recording technology meant I could
set up my own home studio and have complete freedom to do what I wanted. I had over the years also tried writing short fiction,
nothing ever finished or published.

When I sat down to start writing music I hit a wall. What to write about? I had some musical ideas but grasped for the lyrics and
topics for the songs. I wanted to write more narrative songs in the vein of Paul Kelly or Nick Cave. Nothing really stuck and each
song wandered off without any direction and focus. I had in my head an idea for a short story that maybe I would write instead of
recording music.
When I started thinking about the story and listening to some of the music I had started to compose it became clear. The story gave
narrative focus to the songs and the songs gave drama and a soundtrack to the story. The stories I write are the ones that when I
started to think about them I can hear the musical soundtrack and songs.
Having an overarching story meant I could focus on music that matched what the story needed. If it was time for drama and darkness
in the arc of the story then the song would follow. If I had music I had written and liked, with only the vaguest idea of the story in
mind, then the story was influenced by that music and would take it in different directions. The structure and idea worked for me
and I began writing and recording.
With my own home recording studio I could, and had to, do it all. I wrote music and words in conjunction, one influencing the other.

I experimented with other instruments besides the ones I had always focussed on. So far two pieces have evolved slowly from the

The City and Water and Light.
Where did the story ideas come from? Hard to say, influenced by what I saw around me, things I was doing and in the end some
pure imagination while daydreaming away. Usually it just starts with a feeling and a place, maybe somewhere I’ve been, maybe
imagined. From there things grow.
Hopefully the ideas will keep coming.