Water and Light

“Deep in the ocean’s absolute darkness they floated in silence. Their dive suits held the pressure and cold at bay and undetected in the depths they waited for their prey to appear.
Lazarus sat in the control room of the submarine. The room glowed in the cold pale light of the monitors in front of a half dozen men. In the centre of the room, hovering above a small round column, a sphere of light spun. Coloured shapes danced inside it, each one a holographic representation of one of the submarine’s sensors that gave shape to the darkness outside.
The control room crawled with a tangle of rusting pipes and a birds nest of cables, twisting their way along the walls to the box above Lazarus’s head. Its glowing warmth was a change from the chill in the rest of the boat and he sat beneath it soaking up the heat.
His long lean body was folded into the small alcove below the box. His mop of unkempt black hair hung down across his neck and forehead and he watched the room with dark eyes. The room had the sharp smell of the bodies of ….”


Excerpt From: The Eldorado Expedition. “Water and Light.”